vKirirom Pte. Ltd. would like to announce that we have incorporated Jobify from Virtual Companies which KIT students and alumnus manage in May 12th, 2020, started local service, and accepted 3 angel investors. This is the second industry-academia collaboration startup, followed by Fixh.me.

Characteristic of Jobify

Jobify is the new type of job matching platform in Cambodia. It enables job seekers, especially new graduate students to access recruitment information. For the companies which are seeking to recruit engineers, can access best candidates who match their needs. Using Jobify, you are able to find suitable applicants quickly at a low cost.

Job seekers can register for free in the Jobify platform, fill out an online resume, select multiple companies they are interested in, and submit resumes to all of them simultaneously. In addition, if you apply for the skill test (free of charge) originally developed by “Jobify”, bonus credits will be attached to your resume, and information will be sent to the candidate companies as job seekers who are highly motivated to work. Client companies wishing to hire new personnel can view all registered candidate information and also implement a mechanism that allows them to create their own skill tests tailored to the needs of each company.

In addition, “Jobify” is a system that enables you to search for candidates with advanced skills and sociality in an efficient and productive way. Unlike traditional Cambodian recruitment agencies, candidates are able to register after the screening process where job seekers take a proprietary IT skill proficiency test. We also provide counseling to candidates if needed, aiming to build a database of the Cambodian human resource in the future.

Incorporating the client’s request to “shorten the period from application to entrance examination”, Jobify has independently developed a matching algorithm that scans resumes according to the company’s request and is making improvements every day. It is also developing a system that allows clients to take entrance exams online in order to further shorten the lead time to hire.

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Jobify service flow



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President Sum Sopha

About KIT Virtual Company

There are currently 20 VCs in KIT, and we aim to become a group of companies that support Cambodia’s digital transformation (DX) in various themes. All students belong to one of the VCs and aim to commercialize each VC while receiving opinions and suggestions on planning, marketing and business plans from faculty members and entrepreneurs who support KIT.

A2A Town (Cambodia) Co., Ltd launched the A2A Digital department this year and set up a new incubation center for the full-scale IT business. Those two departments will gradually incorporate (incubate) the KIT virtual company, aiming to grow the company group as a seed accelerator together with angel investors, and in the future, we will increase the number of virtual companies up to 30-40 companies from 20 companies.

KIT has also agreed to collaborate as an educational institution in the establishment of the Cambodian government’s eco-technology park, which is a platform for boarding universities and companies to pursue innovation through industry-academia collaboration and create new industries. We will accelerate human resource development and industry creation which support the country’s digital transformation (DX).

If you are interested in investing in Cambodian IT startups, contact us.

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