vKirirom Pte., Ltd. would like to announce that we invested in Fixh.me, a matching platform to fix household problems as the first industry-academia Collaboration, and accepted 3 angel investors.

A2A Town (Cambodia) Co., Ltd which is managing Kirirom Institute of Technology in Cambodia established an Incubation Center and Seed Accelerator department, which will incubate Virtual Companies including Fixh.me one by one, and are seeking to accelerate companies with angel investors. Fixh.me is the first startup from KIT which accepted Japanese investors.

Also, Kirirom Institute of Technology agreed to corporate with the Cambodian Government as an education institution in an eco-technology park, which is the platform to innovate collaborations with university and companies and to establish new industries. We will develop human resource and create industries to support Digital Transformation. Please contact us if you are interested to invest in an IT startup in Cambodia.

◆Characteristic of Fixh.me

In the housing maintenance industry in Cambodia, there are problems like time efficiency or need to pay more money than expected due to the trouble occurring from what they do, how long it takes, and the ambiguity of the price, but also need to negotiate with service provider every time and deal with no-show trouble which may happen. The current ways of negotiation prevented a transparent and appropriate price because in Cambodia people who insist strongly will mainly decide, not the appropriate time/cost. Using Fixh.me, the user will be able to estimate costs and fix household problems, and the service provider will shorten the time to deposit. Also, it fixes the transparency issue in the housing maintenance market and promotes stabilization and revitalization of the market. By receiving 20% ​​of the repair fee from the service provider, “Fixh.me” aims to systematize and stabilize the service and improve user satisfaction.

Fixh.me has started providing services in the Phnom Penh market, and will gradually expand the service.

Fixh.me app

Fixh.me service overview





Frontend:nuxt framework + vuetify

Backend:Expressjs + postgres、Nginx


Fixh.me members in KIT


CTO:CHHAY SIM: 3rd year in KIT


About Virtual Company

There are currently 20 VCs in KIT, and we aim to become a group of companies that support Cambodia’s digital transformation (DX) in various themes. All students belong to one of the VCs and aim to commercialize each VC while receiving opinions and suggestions on planning, marketing and business plans from faculty members and entrepreneurs who support KIT.

A2A Town (Cambodia) Co., Ltd launched the A2A Digital department this year and set up a new incubation center for the full-scale IT business. Those two departments will gradually incorporate (incubate) the KIT virtual company, aiming to grow the company group as a seed accelerator together with angel investors, and in the future, we will increase the number of virtual companies up to 30-40 companies from 20 companies.

If you are interested in investing IT startups in Cambodia, please contact us.

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