Workation became a buzzword last year. Workation is a combination of “Work” and “Vacation”, which refers to the style of enjoying a trip over the medium to long term while also working at the destination office or cafe.
Global workation is cross-border workation. It is sometimes said that overseas travel has become harder, but short-term overseas travel and long-term overseas travel must be considered separately.

Cambodia is a country that foreign people can enter, and it is the same as before except for 14 days of quarantine, so if you stay for 3 months, 14 days of quarantine will not be a big obstacle.

Work in an open-air restaurant with sun sets

Living in a country like Cambodia that holds down the covid is not just a foreign experience, it is also a place where you can be free from covid virus.

We as Kirirom Group are also practicing global workation in Cambodia. In fact, all the staff working in Tokyo have moved to Cambodia. Currently, only the president, who frequently travels back and forth between Japan, Singapore and Cambodia and has a long-term stay visa in Singapore, remains in Tokyo for business activities.

Overseas Experience in Global Workation

The biggest merit of global workation is that you can experience overseas. Conversely, if you want to experience overseas in 2021, there is only one way, which is global workation. It is possible to study or work abroad, but there are many restrictions and it is easy to choose global workation from the perspective of overseas experience. Even if it is a global workation, you cannot enter the country without a stay visa, but Cambodia is a country that many foreigners can enter in covid situation.

Classification by Type of Long-term Stay in Kirirom

The difference between global workation and working in abroad is whether secure a job in your country or overseas. The typical image is that a digital engineer secures a freelance job in your country and performs global workation. We think there is also an order in which you go abroad and then receive an order for freelance in your country. I would like to classify how to stay for a long time in Kirirom.

Minimum stay period (Period including online)Cost other than hotel expensesJobsParticipation unit
Global WorkationAbout 3 monthsNoneBring-inindividual or couple
Digital Nomad
* Continuous global workation
3 months or moreUnlimitedBring-inindividual or couple
company dispatch
3 months or moreunlimitedbring-inteam
Kirirom Internship3 months to 2 yearsNone Internship Individual
Kirirom Institute of Technology Auditor3 months (6-12 months)Tuition feesbring-in individuals
Kirirom Institute of Technology Master’s Program1 year (2 years)Tuition feescan be orderedIndividual or family
Ways to stay long-term in Kirirom

With Who Do You Do Global Workation?

Come Alone

Trial global workation to become a digital nomad. One of the pleasures is to make friends with people you met in Kirirom and Cambodia. We also recommend you to enjoy Kirirom on weekdays and Phnom Penh or Siem Reap on Saturdays and Sundays.

Come with Family

If you are a married couple with no children, or if your child can go to college remotely, or if your child is an elementary school student and wants to study at Kirirom International School, you can do global workation with your family in Kirirom.

Come with Colleagues

You can do global workation in Kirirom with your company colleagues and family who work together in your country. If you stay for 3 months or more, you don’t need to mind 14 days of quarantine. The reason for choosing workation in Kirirom is that you can have an “overseas experience in English”. Enjoy workation in Cambodia, where the covid is not widespread. Workation for collaboration with Kirirom Institute of Technology students is also welcome.

With Digital Nomad Friends

Digital Nomads can move from multiple locations with individuals, couples, and groups. In Cambodia, you can move freely not only to Kirirom but also to Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is located, and Phnom Penh, the capital. Since it is a country where covid does not spread, it is free to move within the country. In addition to the work brought in as a freelancer, in your spare time you can interact with students at Kirirom Institute of Technology, and in some cases, you can trach part-time to students while enjoying the digital nomad life in Cambodia (Kirirom). Of course, don’t forget to enjoy the nature in Kirirom.

Co-working Space on Campus

Strengths of Kirirom’s Workation

Kirirom is a strong place for workation. The closest location from Phnom Penh where we do not need air-conditional. And highway is currently under construction. Glamping facilities are also substantial, and there is also a restaurant where you can eat delicious food.

Working Environment

A fast and secure WIFI environment, VPN connections, motivational and comfortable workplaces, and business centers will continue to be developed.

Living Environment

There are several long stay packages.
Facilities such as laundry, meal delivery, and self-cooking will become flexible and convenient to use in the future. There is also an elementary school called vKirirom International School and an auditor system at Kirirom Institute of Technology, so if you have children in elementary school or college, please consider doing workation as a family.

Piperoom Village

Piperoom Village is a concept of hotel area surrounded by unique private rooms made of clay pipes. Even though it is a pipe room, it is comfortable because it has a bed and a desk and is well ventilated. In the central area, there is a bar for guests, desks and chairs where you can work, and a small stage, where you can meet new people.

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Type L

Type L is a building with a co-working space on the first floor and a functional individual bed space on the second floor that can accommodate 27 people. As a base of Japanese companies in Kirirom, Cambodia, we also rent it as a joint research facility with students of Kirirom Institute of Technology.

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Environment to Enjoy

There are many outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking.
We will continue to enhance health services such as yoga and massage, and night entertainment such as karaoke, pubs, watching stars, and night movies.

Community Environment

There is an innovative community that shares the idea, Kirirom Institute of Technology.
There is a great café called Pine View Kitchen where you can have a good cup of coffee.
We’re about to set up an online work environment called Kirirom Digital Campus for informal encounters.

Kirirom Digital Campus