Being a global leader is possible for the non-English speaking and underprivileged individuals.

Takeshi Izuka, Representative of Kirirom Group

The Kirirom Group is a corporate group associated with the Kirirom National Park in Cambodia. Kirirom means mountain(Kiri) of peace (Rom) in Khmer.

When it comes to peace, it goes without saying that the Internet has ushered in significant changes. Poverty is diminishing over the world as the issue of wealth discrepancy between rich and poor countries is being addressed.

Global leaders, on the other hand, are overwhelmingly from wealthy household in English-speaking countries. Young Japanese people who do not have a good degree of English education will find it difficult to become global leaders.

Aside from English proficiency, Japanese people who grew up in a peace-oriented society have the ability to play a significant role in making the world a peaceful place. “Becoming a social entrepreneur and starting a business that makes the world a better place” is, in my opinion, the rice of the 21st century in Japan.

The Kirirom Group is developing a business that promotes global peace.

We began by establishing the Kirirom Pine Resort. It’s a mission to boost tourism, which is an important industry in Cambodia, while also safeguarding the environment. It has now grown into a popular hangout for many customers, as well as a source of local employment.

The Kirirom Institute was thereafter formed. In Cambodia, one of the world’s poorest countries, Kirirom Institute of Technology is a free university where students can study IT in English. The challenge is to develop global leaders from underprivileged families in non-English speaking or emerging countries.

As a startup studio that creates businesses in emerging countries, we are currently focusing on aiding the start-up, monetization, incorporation, and exit of virtual companies, all of which are university student business units. In the current COVID situation, we classified one of our categories of global leaders as “an entrepreneur with the ability to start a business in an emerging country” and offer students with new opportunities.

We will continue to take on the challenge of globalization by expanding existing businesses, as well as starting new ventures in emerging countries. For example, at Kirirom Institute of Technology, we will start a graduate school. This will allow transfers from technical colleges, as well as enhance the number of overseas students from Japan and other nations. Partnership with other universities, businesses, and investment network will also grow.

I would like to increase the number of people who come into contact with Kirirom’s thoughts and businesses and take action, saying, “I came to Kirirom and my life changed.” Join Kirirom as a student, investor, staff, and partner to change your life globally.

Fortunately, if you are born rich, you can get a good education and become rich. It is very difficult for Japanese and Cambodians to enter Stanford and MIT. I want everyone to be a world leader even if the family is poor or unable to speak English.

Excerpt from an interview with Takeshi Izuka

March 2021
Representative of Kirirom Group Takeshi Izuka