Kirirom Global Forum (KGF) is an annual international conference for international entrepreneurs who are active around the world and business people who want to accelerate their business through cross-border investment, collaboration and the use of cutting-edge technology. We welcome industry-leading panelists on global business, education, investment, social issues, and cutting-edge technology, and all participants learn together to produce high-quality cross-border encounters and meaningful business opportunities.

In February 2021, the 7th Kirirom Global Forum was held as a hybrid of real and online, with a total of 27 sessions over two days, with approximately 140 entrepreneurs, investors, and business people taking on the challenge of global. It is a forum that has an aspect like an alumni association, with many people attending every year who thinks important to connect with the people they meet here. Because of covid, and large-scale events tend to cancel, but we want to produce a place where we can meet new people and broaden our horizons globally. We plan to hold the 8th Kirirom Global Forum. If you are interested, please register as a user from Kirirom Online and you will receive various information. [Most contents in Japanese]

Kirirom Global Forum 2020 Dinner

History of Kirirom Global Forum

Kirirom Global Forum (KGF) started as a Kirirom conference sponsored by WAOJE (Waoje: a network of Japanese entrepreneurs based overseas).
Currently, it is sponsored and operated by the Kirirom Group.

YearNum of ParticipantsLocation
1stSeptember 201410 peopleKirirom
2ndJuly 201520 peopleKirirom
3rdJuly 201630 peopleKirirom
4thJuly 201748 peopleKirirom
We did the program design as the main sponsor of WAOJE GVF held in Phnom Penh on September 2018. It was a great success with more than 400 participants.
5thFebruary 201950 peopleKirirom
6thFebruary 2020100 peopleKirirom
7thFebruary 2021140 peopleKirirom/Tokyo/online
8th (Planned)August 20211000 peopleKirirom/Tokyo/online