Kirirom defines business as a “Start-up studio” that creates start-ups from developing countries.

Cambodia is a growing country with a bright future. Economically it is growing more than 7% annually and the population is expected to continue growing until 2080. vKirirom will grow along with Cambodia and realize its great potential by nurturing the next generation of leaders and professionals at our leading university and by developing the future model of co-working and co-living in nature on 9,000 hectares of land in Kirirom National Park.

vKirirom Pte. Ltd. (vKirirom) is the company with this bold vision and solid plan for success. It has developed the famous vKirirom Pine Resort and Kirirom Institute of Technology (KIT) as part of its plan to realize the vision of the future model of co-working and co-living in nature supported by cutting edge IT services, ecotourism, Kirirom Institute of Technology, and resort living.

What is the starting point of our business?

Our business began from trying to answer the question of “How can we revolutionize the educational system in a world of the Internet and AI to change the world from the bottom of the pyramid?”

Currently, there are very few schools that are keeping up with the cutting edge technologies and taking advantage of new opportunities for its students.

Moreover, there are no schools that offers real-world projects to develop practical high demand skills that employers covet combined with an immersive learning environment requiring group collaboration for non-English speaking students who have high ability and work ethic but are economically challenged.


We aim to create a world where anyone can be a global leader.

Kirirom Group aspires to produce top class entrepreneurs and start-ups for the world. We are committed to helping the less privileged to have an equal chance in learning and developing.

Takeshi Izuka, Representative of Kirirom Group “Aim for the world. Anyone can be a global leader”


We aim to be the best incubation center for start-up companies, empowering entrepreneurs from developing countries to do well.


1. Resilient and Compassionate
To be successful in our business, we focus on continuous growth. We believe that being resilient and compassionate are key factors to success.

2. Create new values
We seek for innovative and unique values which excite not only us but also others.

3. Execution
Taking action leads to maximizing learning. Ideas come to fruition as a result of commitment and execution.