Kirirom defines business as being a “Start-up studio” that creates start-ups from developing countries.

With the use of technology, we believe it is possible to connect people from different countries. Kirirom Group is constantly taking on challenges of globalization by believing in the advancement of technology and the infinite possibilities of people.

Kirirom Group has an institute (Kirirom Institute of Technology) that specialize in Technology and Human Resource Development. Under us, is also vKirirom Land, which envisions to build a community of co-working and co-living in nature supported by cutting edge IT services, ecotourism, and resort living.


To create a world where anyone can be a global leader.

Kirirom Group aspires to produce top class entrepreneurs and start-ups for the world. Kirirom Group is committed to helping the less privileged to have an equal chance in learning and developing.

Takeshi Izuka, Representative of Kirirom Group “Aim for the world. Anyone can be a global leader”


To be the best incubation center for start-up companies, empowering entrepreneurs from developing countries to do well.


1. Be strong and kind
To be successful in our business, we focus on continuous growth. For that to happen, we need to be strong and kind.

2. Create new values
We seek for innovative and unique values which excite not only us but also others.

3. Take action
Taking action leads to maximizing learning. We are committed to decisions and actions.