Building Leaders of the Future

Our school develops professionals who are capable of leading the coming Industrial Revolution 4.0. Our school is not just a programming school as we develop students who can use the new technologies to change the world. We provide opportunities to hard working and talented students who may be in the bottom of the pyramid instead of serving the privileged few.

Real World Internships

KIT provides a 4 year internship program which allows the students to reinforce and implement the knowledge and skills that they learned at our school by working on real world projects

Working on Trending Technologies

We train skills that covers the cutting edge technologies with the highest demand by working with the leading foreign companies from US, Europe, and Japan. Students work collaboratively in groups to develop leading IT solutions, services, and products that will be used in the real world. Trending technologies include AR/VR, Blockchain, Cognitive Computing, IoT, etc. that is transforming our world. These IT services and products will be utilized in vKirirom Nature which will accelerate usage of these technologies and raise quality of life.