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Kirirom Institute of Technology, a university which fosters global leaders in the 4th industrial era, is proud to announce that our student teams that participated in “AWS Build on Hackathon” had done well, with one team coming in first place, and two teams winning the second prize.

Jointly hosted by RHB Bank of Cambodia, JTrust Royal Bank, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the event saw forty teams of 170 people from different institutes devising technical initiative for the Cambodian banking industry over a span of six weeks. 5 out of the 10 finalist teams were students from Kirirom Institute of Technology.

The first prize went to a team of third-year students; Kim Sereyoath, Chuon Leangheng, and Liv Sovvanarith, from the Software Engineering Course of Kirirom Institute of Technology. The team was awarded a prize of US$1,500 by JTrust Royal Bank, for their originality and innovation of their solution.

Another team of first-year students from the Software Engineering Course of Kirirom Institute of Technology; Seab Navin, Tak Vannak, and Lim Huameng, came in second place for the challenge set by JTrust Bank, with their solution of providing products, services, and prices suitable for customers.

The Software Engineering Course of Kirirom Institute of Technology had another team of first-year students; Heng Kevin, Oun Visedhreach, and Tek Zanith, that came in second place for the challenge set by RHB Bank. Their “ready-to-use” approach to solving current challenges of the demand for online banking for younger customers were greatly appreciated by the hosts.

The two teams that won the second prize were given a training voucher worth US$600, alongside an AWS mentoring program.

Kirirom Institute of Technology which strongly supports the digital transformation of Cambodia, is currently attracting plenty of positive attention with their consecutive awards from such hackathons.

Besides the education sector, Kirirom Institute of Technology also sees potential growth for Cambodia from the Cambodian government and the 4th Industrial Revolution. An eco-technology park was created in the Kirirom National Park, alongside the university campus. This was done with the intent of producing future leaders in the Cambodian government and industry. Kirirom Institute of Technology has agreed to work together with the relevant authorities as a Human Resource education institution. Going forward, Kirirom Institute of Technology will actively engage in industry-academia collaboration with Cambodian and Japanese companies to accelerate demonstration experiments, technological innovation, system development, and human resource development for solving social issues.

About Kirirom Incubation Centre

The Kirirom Incubation Center is an institution that supports the launch of an on-campus startup (virtual company) of Kirirom Institute of Technology. Our incubation center provides mentoring for students and matching them with suitable investors. As of now, we have over 20 virtual companies, with three companies had been incorporated in Cambodia and Singapore in 2020. All students will be attached to one of the virtual companies, where they would learn to cultivate leadership, entrepreneurship, and practical skills via experience of running and managing these virtual companies as a team. Students will receive feedbacks and suggestions on planning, marketing, business plans, and technical guidance from faculty members and entrepreneurs on their ideas of services to solve social issues in Cambodia. Kirirom Institute of Technology looks to constantly improve the systemization and business model.

Moving forward, we will continuously discover and nurture potential student presidents and businesses with potential growth. Among our pool of virtual companies, we will continue to raise funds and work on incorporating them, with the goal of M & A and listing.

[University overview]

Name: Kirirom Institute of Technology

Kirirom Institute of Technology is a boarding university in Cambodia that develops global leaders in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Aside from learning IT technology in English, students participate as interns in real projects related to industry-academia collaboration. This will develop their skills and leadership and better prepare them for society. Kirirom Institute of Technology is not just an educational institution, but also an active Cambodian digital service provider and incubation center that collaborates to develop and incorporate startup businesses in Cambodia and abroad. 

[University Management Company Profile]

Company name: A2A Town (Cambodia) Co. Ltd.
Representative: Mr Takeshi Izuka, President and CEO
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

[Company Profile]

Company name: vKirirom Pte. Ltd.
Representative: Mr. Takeshi Izuka, Representative Director
Location: Singapore
Founder’s Note:

[Inquiries regarding this matter]

Company name: vKirirom Japan Co. Ltd.
Tel: 070-4357-6253

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