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Kirirom Institute of Technology(KIT Management Co. Ltd., location: Cambodia, representative director: Takeshi Izuka) began “Kirirom Venture Creation” in May 2022, a community for student entrepreneurs and engineers aspiring for the global market, to connect them to people that supports their vision.

Background of the starting of this community

Technology has been evolving dramatically globally, and the requirements for human resources are changing at a rapid pace.

Kirirom Institute of Technology was established with the goal of offering entrepreneurs and students from all over the world who aspire to be engineers with the opportunity to face these challenges on a daily basis and achieve their goals on a global scale.

Kirirom Venture Creation, a student support community was then established, with the purpose of producing more “venture companies that will create social impacts from Asia to the world”.
The community support the entrepreneurship and growth of these students, and also provide real-time updates on their activities. The community also serves as a platform that creates opportunities to invest in a virtual company from the campus, participate in management, and engaging members in terms of collaboration and mentoring, as well as seeking for qualified individuals to hire.

This is the perfect opportunity for individuals to create a venture company with a global social impact.


Kirirom Venture Creation Promotional Video

Benefits of joining the community as a supporter

  1. Closed group progress reports
    You can always use business chat to witness the regular MTG of the on-campus virtual company as well as the live broadcast of the debriefing session in the closed group. (Achieve viewing is also available)
    There will also be a chat room that will be made available for the students and interested parties to communicate whenever they want.
  2. Exclusive exchange meetings for members (Held once every quarter)
    Regular online exchange meetings between Kirirom Institute of Technology’s students and supporters will be held regularly on Zoom platform.
    Members can interact casually with students and management staff. The community provides a platform for communication regarding different matters such as supporting students, investing in a virtual company on campus, participating in management, collaborating with the university, and providing mentorship and consulting.

    * If members are interested in creating a specific project with a student, Kirirom Venture Creation (KVC) management will be roped in to help manage the project.

  3. Exclusive offline exchange meetings for members
    Offline exchange meetings between Kirirom Institute of Technology’s students and supporters will take place on an ad-hoc basis. It can take place in various locations, with no specific date or time. However, if the event happens in Kirirom, a complementary one night stay will be provided in vKirirom Pine Resort, one of the Group’s accommodation facilities.

    *Complementary stay does not include airfare and travel expenses.
  4. Be recognized as a startup business supporter by having your name published on Kirirom Institute of Technology’s website
    Supporters of our startup businesses will have their name published on the official website of Kirirom Institute of Technology.

    * Names that violate public order and morals cannot be posted.
    * Machine-dependent characters cannot be used.
    * We may unavoidably cancel the publication due to our company’s circumstances, but in that case we will notify you in advance.

  5. Discount on events within various Kirirom groups
    Members will get to enjoy special discounts to events organized by the Kirirom Group, such as the Kirirom Global Forum.
  6. Investment, Management Participation, Mentor Negotiations Rights
    KVC Management will fully support members who has the following requests:
    (i) Investing in a virtual company
    (ii) Participation in management of a virtual company
    (iii) Mentorship of virtual company
    (iv) Collaboration with virtual companies (e.g. development department, local sales department, etc.)
    (v) Recruitment activities for individual students *based on Kirirom Group’s recruitment policies

Community Overview

“Kirirom Venture Creation” Website

[University Overview]

Name: Kirirom Institute of Technology
Operating company: KIT Management Co., Ltd