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Kirirom Institute of Technology, a university that aims to develop global leaders from emerging countries to lead the new era. The university focuses on internship programs targeted at enhancing students’ programming skills. With the appointment of a new CTO, we are proud to announce that we have released 10 apps and Chrome extensions in 6 weeks.

The target students are divided into groups of 5-8 persons per team for this program. The team will work on application development over a course of 4 to 6 weeks using the Flutter framework or Chrome extension development utilizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These applications will be made public. The team will study the databases and frameworks over 3 weeks, and then work on devising and developing the product ideas which will be released in the next 3 weeks. We aim to improve the students’ understanding of the requirements, implementation, and development speed through the release of the app to the market or webstore.

At Kirirom Institute of Technology, we are training student engineers who can function in English, as well as entrepreneurs, whose projects could be incorporated with the investments of angel investors. We plan to strengthen the technical capabilities of each individual, release useful apps, and extend support for projects ordered by other companies.

Each app can be downloaded from the marketplace, and extensions can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

App Introduction
  1. CookBook
    This is a cooking recipe introduction / search application.
    It helps users to obtain recipes in a short amount of time, a process that is easier than watching videos such as YouTube.
  2. GameAlert
    GameAlert is an app that notifies users when a free game is released from the Gamer Power website. This app allows users to have easy access to information on free games.
“GameAlert”, an application that introduces free games
  1. Vconnect
    This application allow users to exchange personal information with a QR code.
    Users can generate a QR code from the user’s database, read the QR and save it in the phonebook automatically. We anticipate that this will be used widely in smart cities in the future.
  2. Jat Jaeng
    Jat Jeang functions as an inventory management app that simplifies the online sales process. As inventory management is often managed in the old-fashioned way, such as using paper, it may result in human-error. This app solves the issues of data misinterpretation, as it provides data to analyze results.
Online sales inventory management application “Jat Jaeng”
  1. VNham
    VNham is an application that allow customers to view and order directly from a restaurant’s menu. This application makes ordering convenient and easy to both users and restaurants.
  2. FoodNutri
    FoodNutri focuses on providing nutrition information of daily meals. It provides users with not only recipe information for a particular meal, but also the amount of calories for that meal. This app aims to help users lead a healthier lifestyle by planning a healthy and balanced diet.
  3. iBook
    iBook is an application that provides information on books. Users will be able to use the app to gather various information before deciding on their purchases of the books.
  4. Quick Quiz
    Quick Quiz is a Chrome extension that allows anyone to create a quiz with just a few clicks. Anyone with a username and quiz code can join the quiz, while the quiz creators can monitor individual participant’s responses.
  5. Expense Tracking System
    Expense tracking system is a Chrome extension that help users manage their expenses. User can manage their financials easily with this extension, by having a summary of their total balance, income, and expenses.
  6. Auto Attendant
    Auto Attendant, a Chrome extension, allows users to automatically manage attendance. This extension allows users to manage and track records of attendees on Google Meet.

In addition, the students who developed the 10 products presented their products at the Kirirom Global Forum 2022, an online conference organized by the Kirirom Group. You may watch their presentation in the link here.