A2A Town (Cambodia) Co., Ltd would like to announce that 10 students from Kirirom Institute of Technology (Kampong Speu Province, Kingdom of Cambodia) ranked within the top 15 including 1st,2nd,4th, and 5th place in the Cambodian student programming contest “Cambodia CS Cup 2020”.

“Cambodia CS Cup 2020” is a student programming contest in Cambodia hosted by several Cambodian universities (Royal Phnom Penh University, Private Petitstra University, Paragon International University) and partner companies (Khmer Coders Community, Slash, Mango Byte). It is a comprehensive competition for individual programming skills from basics to dynamic programming and geometry. Not only Cambodian students but also university students from Thailand and Singapore participated, and there were a total of 156 participants from 21 universities in 5 countries.

Cambodian students at Kirirom Institute of Technology study and live in dormitories with the support of sponsors from Japanese companies, and will work in those companies after graduation. Students run 20 on-campus startups (virtual companies), aiming to solve various social issues with IT in order to make Cambodia one of the leading digital nations in ASEAN.

Kirirom Institute of Technology sees the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a growth opportunity for its own country, establishes an eco-technology park in Kirirom National Park where the university is located, and agreed to cooperate as a human resources education institution that produces future leaders in the Cambodian government and industry. We will actively engage in industry-academia collaboration with Cambodian and Japanese companies to accelerate demonstration experiments, technological innovation, system development, and human resource development for solving social issues.

◆About on-campus startups (virtual companies)


Kirirom Institute of Technology has more than 20 virtual companies today. All students belong to one of the virtual companies. Students take classes at the university in the morning and participate in activities of the virtual company in the afternoon, experiencing leadership and entrepreneurship from product development to introduction and able to develop spiritual and practical skills. Students create services to solve social issues in Cambodia by making full use of IT and receive opinions and suggestions on planning, marketing, business plans, and technical guidance from faculty members and entrepreneurs who support Kirirom Institute of Technology. We are improving the system and business model every day. In fact, some virtual companies are already launching and demonstrating their services in the Cambodian market. With the aim of raising funds and incorporating from companies, organizations, and individuals in Japan, Cambodia, and other countries, we are also considering listing on the Cambodian market and M & A in the future.



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