In Cambodia, where the education system was destroyed by the civil war, it is not easy to catch up with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and innovations that are happening in the world today. We teach the ways to make startups to young people in Cambodia who have bright future, with sponsorship.

Kirirom Institute of Technology is a school that would not be possible without your support, but it is currently difficult for non-corporations to provide scholarships to hire students or to conduct joint research with them.

However, the way that even individuals can support Kirirom is to build a student dormitory at Kirirom Institute of Technology.

Student dormitory inKirirom Institute of Technology is an investment, not a donation. Investors will build a dormitory and the university will pay them annual rent. And we guarantee a contract for up to 10 years from purchase.
With this covid situation, students returned to their homes for nine months from March 2020 to December 2020, but the rent was paid during that time. The yield is also 6% to 10%, which is higher than that of Japan, but this interest rate is not so high in Cambodia. This is a social contribution investment that we are asking those who are willing to support Kirirom Institute of Technology.

Type R – 45 sqm detached house with large garden
Type T – Share house with 13 private rooms

The property used as a student dormitory at Kirirom Institute of Technology can also be used as an accommodation facility at a resort on Kirirom National Park, and if the resort becomes explosively crowded in the future, the usage can be changed there. In that case, we are planning to sell the student dormitory and collect the cash.

Please check the following site for details.

Kirirom Institute of Technology Student Dormitory Owners Program